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Mint scented garbage bags


Mint-X is Polykar’s latest partnership innovation for industrial garbage bags.

They contain a patented, all-natural, mint-scented fragrance and are proven to reduce the number of bags torn by raccoons, Norway rats and other rodents, while remaining safe for humans and their pets. The Mint-X garbage bags have proven to be a highly effective solution to infestation problems facing building owners, housing authorities, food service providers and municipalities.

In August 2012, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) awarded full registration to Mint-X Treated Plastic for use in garbage bag manufacturing. Registration Number 30504 Pest Control Products Act.

Mint-X meets met the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements for Pesticide Registration. EPA Registration Number 85589-1 US Patent No. 7,811,597.

Polykar has exclusive rights to produce and sell the Mint-X patented garbage bag for institutional and industrial markets across Canada.

For further information about Mint-X, please visit the Mint-X Canada website.


  • ECOLOGO® certified
  • All natural mint additive
  • Safe for human and pet handling
  • Certified by Health Canada’s PMRA and United States EPA
  • Exclusive Mint-X distribution rights for industrial and institutional markets across Canada

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