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01/09/2011 - Testimonials

Did you know that landfill space is becoming rare and waste in landfills, a significant greenhouse gas emitter, is piling up? Is there a solution? Yes. It is called composting.

Composting uses green waste – lawn, leaves and kitchen wastes – that can easily and efficiently be diverted from landfills. As awareness on the benefits of developing composting increases, more and more companies are taking on the challenge of implementing their own compost collection programs.

IBM’s Bromont plant in Québec uses strategically located waste stations to collect and sort waste and recover recyclable materials and organic waste. There are approximately 20 of these waste collection sites throughout the 1,200,000 square foot facility, all located near vending and coffee machines and outside the cafeteria. Accurate labelling and images at waste stations as well as employee awareness programs all help to make this an effective program. The compostable waste is then hauled off to a composting facility in Montreal. The Bromont facility estimates that it diverts from landfills annually 1050 metric tons of recyclable materials and 34 metric tons of compost. 


Located outside the cafeteria, this waste station is the largest in IBM Bromont.
Polykar’s compostable bags are the one used for the collection of IBM’s green waste. As David Horner, Resident Manager for the contract cleaning company responsible for the facility, stated, “Polykar’s compostable bags are easy to use, environmentally-friendly, 100% compostable and available at quite competitive prices.”

A compostable and recyclable waste station at IBM Bromont.
Polykar’s bags meet all required certifications for compostability set forth by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute), the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec) and ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials).
The Bromont site began compost collection in 1998 as part of their environmental commitment policy established in 1971. They have trained all employees about recyclable and compostable waste, thereby making the program a true success. These guidelines encompass several different aspects of pollution prevention generated by their micro chip manufacturing site. Cutting down on electricity consumption, reducing water consumption and using environmentally-friendly products all make IBM a proactive player in environmental protection.
IBM, who just celebrated its 100th anniversary, has won several awards for its efforts in environmental protection such as the « Prix Distinction Développement durable », given by the « Chambre de commerce de la Haute-Yamaska » in 2009, and Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Awards in 2002 from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable.  Moreover, IBM Bromont has achieved the level 3 of Recyc-Quebec’s “ICI on recycle” accreditation program since 2003.

For further information, please contact:
Amir Karim
Vice-President, Business Development
Polykar, a family business founded in 1987, is a manufacturer of polyethylene film, garbage bags and food packaging. In 2003, the Saint-Laurent facility obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications simultaneously. Polykar received the ICI ON RECYCLE! Award from Recyc-Québec for excellence in waste management. Polykar is a member of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), of the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA) and of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and the Compost Council of Canada (CCC).

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