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17/01/2013 - Testimonials

Polykar and Sears Canada Inc. formed an exciting “green” partnership in 2012.  With both based in the borough of Saint-Laurent, in Montreal, Quebec, located within a radius of just five kilometres, Polykar is helping the Sears Saint-Laurent National Service Centre (NSC) realise its “Live Green” philosophy.

Polykar is buying Sears plastic scrap and transforming it into a fully recycled product, through its own lines of recycled industrial and commercial garbage bags at its manufacturing plant – which, since 2003, has had both the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.
As part of its firm commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Sears is making greener choices throughout its distribution cycles under its “Live Green” program to ensure utmost benefit to the environment. The nationwide program includes various waste diversion initiatives, multi stream recycling, the promotion of fuel efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.
Sears’ Saint-Laurent NSC was generating and recycling more than 50 tonnes of plastic every year and soon realised they could also tremendously reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact by collaborating with local businesses, which in turn led to the discovery of a mutually-beneficial recycling partnership with Polykar.
Dennis Tuppert, Internal Auditor at Sears Canada and coordinator of this project, was enthusiastic about the new partnership saying,” The relationship between Polykar and Sears is a great asset, not only through the positive environmental contribution, but equally it is an economic bonus, whereby we benefit from additional revenue through Polykar’s purchase of our plastic scrap.”
Both companies are prioritising sustainable development at the helm of their environmental commitment, and are able to proudly work together to attain their respective environmental goals - one to manufacture a fully recycled product, and the other to minimize its carbon footprint many times over.
Polykar is proud to be in partnership with the Sears National Service Centre in Saint-Laurent and to work under its “Live Green” program. We look forward to expanding our recycling collaboration with other retailers across the region. If you and your company are interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity to recycle your plastic scrap and generate additional revenues, please contact:
Amir Karim
Vice-President, Business Development
1-514-335-0059 or 1-866-POLYKAR
1. The Saint Laurent National Service Centre of Sears Canada

2. Non-contaminated plastic is collected in special containers placed throughout the building

3. Once the plastic scrap has been sorted into “Gaylord” crates, it is later shipped to Polykar

Sears Canada is a multi-channel retailer with a network that includes 195 corporate stores, 269 hometown dealer stores, 8 home services showrooms, over 1,500 catalogue and online merchandise pick-up locations, 102 Sears Travel offices and a nationwide home maintenance, repair, and installation network. The Company also publishes Canada’s most extensive general merchandise catalogue and offers shopping online at
A family business, Polykar was founded in 1987, in Saint-Laurent, Quebec. The company has steadily become one of Canada’s leading and innovative manufacturers of polyethylene film, recycled and compostable garbage bags, as well as food packaging. Polykar strives to be at the cutting edge of plastics recycling and offers a range of expert services in this field. In 2003, the company received the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications simultaneously.

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