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ReTHINK Event Hosted by Polykar

Montreal, QC, May 11, 2022 — Polykar recently held its second ReTHINK event-this time in Montreal. The event was a huge succes bringing together over 80 people to address an important topic that matters to us all Productivity. 

We thank all our incredible guests, including Véronique Proulx from MEQ and Alan DeSousa, Mayor of Saint-Laurent, as well as our speakers Hubert Bolduc, Michael Denham and Robert Gagné. It was a very interesting day!

"When I conceived the idea of hosting these ReTHINK sessions, from the beginning, I wanted to make them collaborative and inclusive," said Amir Karim, President and CEO of Polykar. My vision was to provide our customers, suppliers and employees with thought-provoking presentations and discussions on topics of mutual interest."

Take a look how it all went down. *Video in French. 

Thank you all for contributing to the success of the first of many ReTHINK events to take place here in Montreal in the future!