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Industrial Packaging

Tubing & Sheeting

Our reliable Tubing and Sheeting are perfect for your industrial packaging needs. They contain recycled content and can be fully customized to your exact specifications.

With exceptional clarity, our sheets are wound perfectly on our made-to-measure cores, ready for easy cutting and sealing.

Tubing is essentially a continuous roll of plastic that can be custom-cut and sealed to accommodate products of varying dimensions. It's an incredibly versatile solution, perfect for creating bags or protective sleeves for items with unique shapes or sizes. This adaptability allows businesses to streamline their packaging process, reduce waste, and ultimately save on costs.

Sheeting, on the other hand, is a flat layer of plastic material. It can be used in a myriad of ways such as covering pallets, lining boxes, or wrapping large, bulky items. It's particularly useful in protecting goods from dust and moisture.

Choose Polykar for your industrial packaging requirements and experience the difference quality makes.


  • Customizable options

  • Environmentally-friendly film

  • Recycled content can be included upon request