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Converter Film

Polyethylene Film

Our industry-leading film serves a wide variety of markets covering industrial and food service applications. Polykar’s R&D team works to develop innovative solutions for new markets such as compostable films and easy-peel films, helping us all to deliver on our commitment to sustainability.


  • Quick turnaround

  • Environmentally-friendly film

  • Wide range of quality resins

What's Your Application?

Our expert team is here to help you customize and develop the right kind of resin for your market.

Bread & Fruit Film

With a gauge profile perfect for high speed printing, this quality gloss film can be customized for use on fast wicketers.

Courier film

This durable film offers great protection from the elements and comes in gloss and matt finishes with high opacity.

Boutique film

The high gloss and colour opacity of this film creates a luxe texture making it the perfect blend for boutique bag applications.

Lamination Film

This film has a broad sealing window and superior hot tack. The gauge profile is outstanding for high speed lamination.

Heavy Duty Film

Balancing core strength and rigidity, this film lends itself well to broad sealing windows in VFFS and HFFS machines. Anti-static and UV protection options are also available.

Tissue Overwrap

This blend offers the right balance of rigidity and tear properties. Featuring high gloss and clarity, it can be tailored for multiple colour printing.

Ice Film

This strong, clear film maintains both puncture and tear resistance. It offers a broad sealing window and outstanding gauge profile for high speed printing.

Freezer Film

With excellent sealant characteristics and superior low temperature properties, this film is well suited for a variety of frozen food packaging.

Utility & Industrial Film

This film offers excellent cost performance ratio and a great balance of optical and physical core strength.