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Recycled Polyethylene

Recycled Polyethylene

At Polykar, recycling matters.

Our journey in giving plastics a second life starts here. We reprocess both post-industrial and post-commercial plastic waste. By introducing recycled content into some of our products at this early stage, we help advance the circular economy. We also sell recycled polyethylene to other packaging manufacturers.


  • Colour options include mixed, white or clear

  • Post-industrial or post-commercial content

What's Your Application?

Our expert team is here to help you customize and develop the right kind of resin for your market.

Scrap Purchasing Program

We purchase post-industrial and post-commercial film scrap. Make your environmental contribution and move your polyethylene scrap to Polykar today. Reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!

Recycled Plastic Program

We sell recycled polyethylene in mixed colour, white or clear. Join us in giving plastics a second life by incorporating recycled content in your packaging application.