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Food Packaging

Packaging plays a critical role in ensuring food safety and integrity. For the third year in a row, Polykar has maintained its prestigious Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) accreditation for packaging materials Issue 6. During the on-site audit, Polykar achieved the highest AA rating with no non-conformances raised. Additionally, Polykar's Grade AA BRC Certification of its food packaging zones, food-approved film conversion, and blown film areas further underscores the company's commitment to quality.

Pound Bags Retail and Bulk

Ideal for storing dry goods, including nuts, spices and fresh produce

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Pound Bags Perforated

Clear bags for general dry goods and food contact use

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Pound Bags Freezer

High quality, durable and waterproof freezer bags

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Produce Rolls

Polykar's food approved produce rolls are known for ultra high clarity and strength

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