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Polykar Earns Highest BRCGS Audit Score

For the third consecutive year, Polykar retains its AA grade in food packaging safety management

MONTREAL, QC, Tuesday, June 27, 2023 – Polykar, an innovative, world-class manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions, is excited to announce that the company has successfully retained its prestigious Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) accreditation for packaging materials Issue 6.

Polykar received the highest AA rating with no non-conformances raised during the on-site audit. This coveted certification puts Polykar in an elite group of manufacturing facilities across Canada to have achieved this level of excellence. BRCGS is globally recognized by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and assures the food safety, quality, legality, and authenticity of the products manufactured in assigned sites.

“This significant accomplishment not only reaffirms our dedication to delivering best-in-class products and services to our customers, but also positions us as an industry leader in maintaining the highest levels of compliance with globally recognized standards. As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our gratitude to our entire team, whose hard work and passion have made this achievement possible,” said Mehdi Pakravan, Polykar’s Director of Quality Assurance and Technical Services.

Polykar takes pride in providing customers with the highest level of quality assurance. In order to achieve the AA rating, a series of global standards for packaging materials set up by the BRCGS governing body must be adhered to and witnessed by an on-site auditor during the site visit. These include all levels of operation including product safety and quality management, product and process control, site standards, personnel hygiene, and dedicated commitment from senior management.

“Polykar's accreditation underscores our commitment to meeting the highest quality and safety standards every day. Our customers can trust that we have robust systems in place to ensure their satisfaction, reinforcing our position as a leader in the industry,” explained Amir Karim, President and CEO at Polykar. “This will also help us in our quest to respond to the growing demand of the food packaging industry for environmentally sustainable products.”

This achievement makes up a key part of Polykar’s range of extensive certifications which can be found on our website:

About Polykar
Founded in 1987, Polykar has become an award-winning leader in the manufacturing of sustainable packaging solutions. Our specialty lies in producing polyethylene film for converters, garbage bags, certified compostable bags, food, and industrial packaging. Our commitment to quality is matched only by our dedication to trustworthiness and sustainability. These values not only guide us internally but shine through our exemplary service to customers. A display of collaboration, excellence, and pride has also earned us recognition as one of Canada's Best Managed Companies for three straight years since 2021. With a dual-plant model, our goal is to create innovative products that generate less waste and benefit everyone – one flexible package at a time. It's how we work!

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