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Scott Builders selected to build Polykar plant in Edmonton

MONTREAL, Canada, January 12, 2021—Polykar announces that after an extensive selection process, Scott Builders has been chosen to build Polykar’s nearly 50,000-square-foot manufacturing plant located in the Discovery Business Park in Edmonton, AB.

Ground breaking of the new plant is scheduled for spring 2021, with construction set to be completed by April 2022. Quebec-based Polykar is making significant investments to advance its position in the North American flexible packaging market.

The $25 million investment in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will expand Polykar’s production capacity to support industry growth, as well as gain a larger share of the market for packaging in Western Canada. The Edmonton plant will employ 50 people during Phase 1 of occupancy.

A signature building in the making

Calgary-based FarMor Architecture was engaged in 2019 to design the new facility.

‘’The architecture is inspired by Polykar’s dynamism in the flexible packaging industry, its growth mindset, and its innovative approach to develop sustainable packaging," said Noorullah Hussain Zada, associate architect at FarMor Architecture.

“The minimalist nature of the building creates a classic and timeless look. The iconic ‘fins’ on the main façade and the spiralling staircase are both inspired by Polykar’s manufacturing process of extruding raw pellets into plastic films and bags.” To see the latest renderings of the façade and lobby area, click here.

Murray Cunningham, CEO of Scott Builders commented, “This signature plant will be built in South Edmonton as you enter along the QE II. We feel this building will set the standard for new construction in the Discovery Business Park. Being part of the team that Polykar drew together with FarMor Architecture, Scott Builders is excited to build this one-of-a-kind project. The functional design and value engineering we added make this project incomparable to others.’’

Looking to the future with confidence

‘’Polykar is delighted to have Scott Builders build our new Edmonton plant. Once in operation, the plant will allow us to attract the best talent to better serve the needs of our customers in Western Canada,’’ said Amir Karim, President and CEO. ‘’We look forward to be part of the industrial base of the City of Edmonton.’’

About FarMor

Established in 2012, FarMor Architecture has had the privilege of working on a variety of building types and spaces, enjoying a trusting relationship with our clients and builders. We draw our strength and efficiency from an office culture that is inclusive, enabling, positive and collaborative, based on our shared values. We are registered in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Our lean design management approach draws from our grit, passion and perseverance, our communication skills and a practice culture that encourages continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

About Scott Builders

Founded in 1971, Scott Builders Inc. is an Alberta-based Construction firm with offices in Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton. Originally owned by three partners, Scott Builders Inc. is now 100% employee-owned, upon entering into an employee ownership program in 2008. We’re proud of our near 50-year history which we will celebrate in 2021. Scott Builders Inc. specializes in four major market areas being Commercial, Light Industrial, Recreational and Institutional. From our three fully integrated Branch offices, we serve the entire Province of Alberta as well as Saskatchewan and Eastern B.C.

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