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Our new video series: 'A Minute with Mehdi'

We're thrilled to roll out the red carpet for the first episode of our 3-part video series: "A Minute with Mehdi". Venture behind the scenes and discover the inner workings of Polykar's Technical Service Department like never before.

Click Here To View Episode #1

Meet Mehdi Pakravan whose passion and expertise are second to none. From his famous Gemba walk to his day-to-day responsibilities, you'll get an insider's look into the meticulous processes that help us deliver excellence. 

Click Here To View The Second Installment Of Our 3-Part Series.

In this episode, we pull back the curtain on our vast product spectrum and delve into the incredible teamwork that went into retaining our prestigious BRCGS accreditation for packaging materials Issue 6.

At Polykar it's not just about being capable, it's also about having an innovative approach. It's about the willingness and resolve to deliver quality products and services to our valued clients – every single time.

Episode 3 is Loading. Stay Tuned!