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Polykar Unveils Final Episode in 'A Minute with Mehdi' Series, Spotlighting Eco-Friendly Solutions

Montreal, QC, January 30, 2024 – Polykar, a leading manufacturer of sustainable flexible packaging solutions, is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of the final episode in their three-part video series: 'A Minute with Mehdi.' In this captivating installment, Polykar's Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Mehdi Pakravan, along with the entire team shed light on the fascinating properties and benefits of plastics, showcasing their undeniable superiority as an eco-friendly solution when compared to other materials.

The latest episode meticulously explores two crucial aspects of sustainable packaging: recycling and the significance of compostable plastic films.

“At Polykar, we believe that our third video is more than just a tool for sharing information. It serves as a catalyst for important conversations about sustainability and innovation in the flexible packaging sector. As a leading company in the industry, we felt it was crucial to demonstrate how our Technical Services Department at Polykar consistently pushes the boundaries for innovation, sustainability, and quality in our products. It’s truly about redefining industry standards, and finding a balance between new product development, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility,” explained Mehdi.

In this comprehensive episode, the company details its focused efforts on integrating a higher proportion of recycled content, including post-industrial and post-consumer materials. Additionally, Polykar is actively increasing the utilization of compostable films in its vast range of products, and exploring successful film trials.

“The last episode was carefully crafted to enlighten, inspire, and offer an insider's perspective, into the fascinating world of sustainable packaging. Our goal was to provide impactful and compelling content that leaves a lasting impression. It's about making complex ideas accessible and engaging. We believe that knowledge is power, and with this series, we hope to share that power with everyone who watches," said Bryan Mongeau, Director of Marketing and Communications at Polykar.

As one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, Polykar’s dual-plant model aims to produce groundbreaking products that promote waste reduction and provide benefits for all.

Click here to view the final episode of our three-part series. Join us as we take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the esteemed Technical Services Department. 

To view the entire video series, please click the link below.

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